Roketa Scooters Still Reeling?


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Which is Which?

Chances are people have been mulling about buying a scooter. Perhaps they wanted roketa scooters but were put off by the horror stories they have heard online and from the grapevine. Roketa scooters are made in China, and unfortunately, there are a lot of complaints about the poor quality of the product. Surprisingly though, several buyers are contented with their roketa scooters.

Roketa scooters come in cheap, compared to their Japanese, European, or American counterparts. The price of roketa scooters was a great enticement, considering that other makes and brands cost twice as much and even more. But the complaints about roketa scooters have damaged the reputation of Chinese manufacturers trying to break into the American market.

Chinese Lemons?

Some of the complaints were broken filler cups and speed cables, radiator and defective starters. If the complaints will be listed here, it will take up the whole page. Chinese manufacturers are in a frenzy trying to rebuild their reputation. This may take awhile considering the vicious reaction of angry consumers.

Many of the complaints though blamed the dealers for the shortcomings of their roketa scooters. Buyers should beware of purchasing scooters without doing some research on the scooters they have in mind. They can check out scooter blogs online to get an idea of ​​the scooters in the market.

Beaten, But Not Bowed

There are several Chinese manufactured scooters in the market aside from the infamous roketa scooters. But in China, the roketa scooter is a developing brand. It is also a big blessing in disguise though that some spare products of other brands work well for roketa scooters. A little adventure with the wrench and some diagnostics can help too.

Scooter repair services have given the Chinese roketa scooters a little boost. According to them, these scooters are very simple; hence working on the repairs of the scooter is relatively easy. Perhaps knowledge of the mechanism would ease the reputation of the roketa scooters.

Take Time to Shop

If you are intending to buy some Chinese brand scooters, take note if these are registered in your state. Be forewarned that some scooters do not follow the safety regulations because of some omitted features. Not all Chinese scooters are lemons though. There are some good buys at reputable dealers. You can hop online to check the rules and regulations on scooters in your state, just to be sure.

The prices of Chinese made scooters may be irresistible to the budget conscious. At this point, it would be better to be careful about getting roketa scooters. There is no point on hoping to chance on a fluke. So hold on to your money and assess products of different brands coming from other countries.

China has become a great manufacturer of scooters. The roketa scooters’ fiasco has egged on China to make better quality scooters that meet DOT and EPA standards of the USA. Should this be achieved in a short time, perhaps roketa scooters will reclaim its piece of the American pie.